What Will Care Cost?

Costs vary depending on the levels and amounts of care required. Because the cost of services is based on an hourly rate, you can increase or decrease your hours of service as you wish — giving you the flexibility to customize your care plan as your needs change. Our services are available from as little as four hours a day up to comprehensive support for 24 hours a day.

What Are My Payment Options?

Home care is often paid privately, but there are several other payment options that we would be glad to help you explore. For example, long-term care insurance often includes provisions to pay for home care services, and we'd be glad to help you research your policy to see if that's the case. We are glad to assist you by helping to prepare claim forms and/or putting together required care notes that may be mandated by your insurance provider and we will do that at no additional cost to you. We also accept other forms of private insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance.

Let's Get Started.

Give us a call or stop by our office so that we may get started in determining what services you or your loved one might need. Once you are comfortable with what we have to offer, we can then schedule a time to come to your residence to complete a full assessment and develop a plan of care.